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What is the Forum?

The forum is an opportunity for the coming together of different people that seek to distill their specific aspirations and interests with a common outlook to achieve desired outcomes for their suburbs. The group represents an opportunity to create a collective discussion and narrative to desired changes to their region centred on a wide range of economic, community and social activities.

Our principles include co-design, co-implementation, inclusive conversation and meaningful action.

The Forum is to educate, inform and engage community stakeholders to create collective impact to make and manage planned change. It will instill integrity in the community to seek a common future and to respect individual and group aspirations for planned outcomes.

The Forum looks within and across the diverse community networks that creates levels of influence guided by accepted / agreed principles (values) that does not compromise members ability to contribute to planned outcomes.

The Forum aims to identify the key influencers and decision makers and to “invite them to the conversation”.

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